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When Was Metabs Interview Done?

Red Army 79

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Anyone know when Metab interview was done? Isn't Gary Johnson in Portugal or did he come back just for the signing or was the Johnson part done yesterday and just waiting for final confirmation today??

The interview must have been done yesterday morning as it was completed by Adam Baker who was on the plane to Portugal.

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The City PR department has all the makings of a well oiled MI5 machine.

Fezzes off to em I say.

And, while I am at it.,. well done to all those involved in this transfer, gary, pete, SL, and others. fabulous news.

Time to doff the Fez indeed ... I'd guess the interviews were actually done on Monday, so it is great testimony to the ability of the staff at AG to keep important matters confidential that nothing was leaked until the club was good and ready (presumably after some final contractual niceties) to make the news public.

There must have been dozens of people down at AG who knew the player was there, but nobody leaked it. All we had was our own speculation. Exactly as it should be ... but very unlike how things are done at a lot of other clubs.

So, yes: Fezzes off!

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