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Bristol City Supporters Trust


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To all our Egyptian friends; Please join Bristol City Supporters Trust http://www.bristolcityst.org.uk/

Will you get more members than the Scandinavian Branch? ; ) http://www.svenskafans.com/england/bristolcity/

I'm sorry the page has not been updated for a while. Got very tired after Wembley. Have not yet seen a replay of the goal..

The trust sure needs a hughe mailbox :winner_third_h4h:

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Next season you might have a visit from both the Egyptian & Scandinavian Branch :fingerscrossed:

Unfortunately we have to book all Ashton Gate..

Sure you don't mind as you can watch the other 21 homegames :innocent06:

22?? Not next season :yes::yes:

nothing to do with the supporters trust i know but just wanted to ask . bristolcityswede . are you the lad with the swedish bristol city flag in latvia last year ?

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