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I Belong!


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The pack arrived in 'sunny' South Devon less than 24 hours from signing up. Ticket Office takes a lot of stick - can't say I've ever had any problems with them, truly excellent service on this occasion.

Well chuffed with the scheme - a bargain - great 'offer' for exiles and locals too. Not quite sure how certain aspects work - I assume the receipt when you swipe your card will have the seat number on (or do I have to find a printer for my laptop?). I suppose you get advanced notice of priority days for ticket purchase before they go on general sale.

Think the Supporters Trust was involved in setting up the intiative - well done, yet again. You seem to be making a real difference and making a more 'customer' friendly/orientated club.

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Guest MaloneFM

Well done youngster welcome aboard!

One more out of the clutches of the mindless Premier League. The Supporters Trust are very efficient and Dolls offers a warmer welcome than most.

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Youngster!?! Struth, no one has called me that for 40 years.

Anyhows, Mr 'cool as a cucumber' Malone, how dare you forget - I travelled in your car over to Ninian Park in 1971 - after which I was run ragged by the natives in their end. A similar level of harrasment to that you endured climbing on to the gantry in the Grandstand every other Saturday at AG.

Would never have a word spoken against you sir after you saved my life as a young goalkeeper in front of 500 odd Torquay fans.

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