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Just Had A Reply From My

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Basicly saying that they have written to the Blackpool chair person

and expressing my(thats me) unhappiness on the cost of the

match day tickets

Please don't think about what you can

contact your MP and contact blackpool FC as well

I sent my e-mail to my MP on monday 14 july and the reply came back

on thursday 17th july

Its very strange that of all the matches taking place for the away team

on the first day of the football season

Blackpool are one of the last clubs to furnish details of its ticket prices

for the visit of Bristol City

If we can get Cheltenham to change its mind,after what their chairman must

have been reading and what we were saying on football message boards

Why can't we attempt to get Blackpool to change its mind

At the end of the day we got Preston to give us our four pound back last seaseon

So why not Blackpool?

I don't mind 23 pounds if bought in advance as it was 17:50p last year

but proposed 28 pounds is a bit naughty

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