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Would You Take A Play-off Spot?

Guest Eamer

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A play off spot would put us two wins and a draw (or even a defeat) away from the Premier League.

Currently, we are 46 games and 80+ points away.

Who wouldn't take it right now?

I wouldn't. :icecream:

We're going to finish second!

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You'd be off your head not to.

However if we did i doubt we would win them and as much as we could say 'its a fantastic achievment' it would still hurt soo much again.

Everytime i see windass' goal or windass or wembley or the Premier League fixtures or anything hull i think of what could have been. We finish away to burnley, they finish at home to man united, wouldn't mind seeing frazier campbell score the winner to send them down though :D

......... But back on topic, yeah i would snatch your hands off for a pray-off place :D

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This league will be so unpredictable this year, so i would definatly take a play off spot! Would be amazing if we did it again and better...

Agree and think teams that struggled last year surely will not 2 sesons on the trot e.g QPR , Sheff Wednesday and a couple of others , so that will make in more unpredictable me thinks .

Points away against the perceived teams around us at the end , the likes off Palarse , Derby , Brum , QPR ??? would be needed for us to be there .

Top 6 is minimum after last season , as we look to build for the prem at some future stage .

In the play offs as we know anything can happen .

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