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Does Any One Use The

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I thought a man of your knowlage about local media would already know this but hay ho wrong again.

I'm fairly sure that the BBC doesnt have the media rights to play our games over the interweb (owned by whoever does the world coverage) this means they have to stick some other stuff on at the time of our matches. I think this is what you will find would have been on online when we played.

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Its a very strange world.

I can record the after match reports(and the commentaries)

on my sopper dooper dabby radio


it cuts to geoff barkers rock and roll at 6pm

Firstly Radio Bristol are allowed to do the after match reports

from the final whistle till 6:30pm

including the commentaries of the goal action and goals

Last saturdays sports review(9th august) is about the glastonbury festival from june 2008

I have contacted the BBC about the problem,so I presume some one has loaded the wrong

info into the play again facilty

Reference the commentaries,both BBC berkshire and BBC nottingham

had live commentaries of the Notts forest v Reading game over the internet

on sunday

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