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City Spend £50k On Agents In Six Months


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How do I become a agent and quickly?

Sign up with the DownendCity Agency and I will be happy to show you how, point you in the right direction and take a percentage of your income!

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Now getting clients............that's a bit more tricky

Football Agent: Hi my name is Andrew Sky and i can ruin your career.

Unnamed promising centre back: Where do i sign?

Andrew Sky: Certainly not on that lucrative contract at the club you're developing at!

UPCB: Wow here's a cut of my money. But wait if you ruin my career don't you actually end up with less?

AS: Not if you move lots being good enough to attract attention but not enough to settle anywhere. Only you end with less then, i get lots more...

I do actually like the idea of having enough money to pay someone to talk to people you can't be bothered to.

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