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Lee Trundle


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Guest ashtonyate
With Trunds starting the first couple of games on the bench so far what do we all think of his chances this season?

I just do not understand this thing about Trundle he done very little last season to justify his place in the team it was only at the end of the season that he looked anything like a Championship player but then was not that good.In my opinion if he did get back into the team it would show that the team is not strong enough.

I really think people should start to have a reality check he may be a entertainer and done great thing for the Swans, but he is to old to come good in this division he was always a gamble and unfortunately it never came off. Its a pity he should have moved up a lot earlier then may have made the grade.The best think the club could do is try to send him out on loan then look for a younger taller forward to help us get to the next division

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Big chance of splinters or possibly a loan move.

He appears to be 4th choice at the moment and there is no past evidence that GJ will change his system to accommodate LT in a role supporting the front two.

On that basis, I don't think we will see very much of him until injuries or suspensions kick in or lack of form by others.

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If GJ sees him as our fourth striker and he keeps trying to bring in a 5th one it doesn't look good! But if we keep it at 4 then he's only one suspension/injury away from game time even if we don't put two strikers on the bench.

Depends what he does with his chances when they come along. He's shown he can do it by the performances at the end of last year, now he has to do it.

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