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Looking After Ourselves

Never to the dark side

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and I ain't talking about the cardiff City fans

Firstly I don't have a problem with any one having a drink of alcohol

from any of the pubs that might be open before we set out for cardiff

Just make sure you empty your bladder(if you can) if you think you are

on one of the coaches which are not fitted with a toilet

For those who attended last year we stopped at Cardff gate for a pee and a tee

and for those coaches who arrived towards the end

we got shunted straight back on our coaches with out having a pee

On to the match

The riot squad who were on our extreme left hand side

were not booted up till mid-way through the second half

and then what police call a controlled "BOOT UP LADS"

in two seperate waves

and then decided to stand between the City fans

which resulted in an injury and coins being thrown

Stoopid Stewards decided to see if they could see who were throwing coins

and I have never seen goggles as part of stewards uniform

If you wanna stop coins being thrown get some of that black netting

and drop it over the roof of the stand

and a big thank you to the St johns Ambulance brigade

or what ever its called it WELSH for the lack of help and NON

assistance they didn't supply to a close relative of mine

Maybe a good idea to get a decent camera, or are cameras illegal in football grounds nowadays?

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I expect so mate,just read through it and you'll find it clearer than just looking at the poster.

Anyways as far as the Cardiff game goes,i shall not be going as i don't see why i should have to go to a match knowing that i will be threatened if we win.

I don't miss too many games but this is one of them,i'd cheer on the gas if they were playing Cardiff

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i just feel sorry to the people who don't want to see things like that.

That would be everyone then except the minority of BCFC & CFC fans who want to cause a problem

That's why these games are bubbles - not to protect us but to protect joe public from having to be put out by a minority of idiots who cant enjoy a couple of ciders without wanting to abuse people they don't even know!

Such a shame ...but we only have ourselves (fans) to blame

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if I'm totaly honest i love all the hostility, adds to the atmosphere.

i just feel sorry to the people who don't want to see things like that.

I went there last season for the first time and tbh I didn't think it hostile at all. I guess a night time game there could be more hostile but I found it incredibly hard to be intimidated by 14 year old spotty welsh chavs sticking there middle finger up after the game from behind a fence.
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