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Me with 4 others. I expect around 1800 there on the day, which is slightly below par I reckon.

I reckon that's a poor turnout as well. We should be taking at least as much of us who went up for the Cup replay two years ago and that was over 2,000 I think.

FAO Collis - I shall be in touch mate and meet in a boozer.

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Any ideas how much we're taking up tomorrow?

Hands up on here who's making the trip?

I know me plus 3... :Believe:

I shall be up there along with around 10 other lads.

Hope we can get the win.

Up the City!

And IMO, if we fail to take 2000 up there it will be a big dissapoinment. :noexpression:

However it just means that us fans who are there will have to make twice as much noise. :winner_third_h4h:

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