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Todays Game


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Delighted with todays victory and keeping our proud record at the Ricoh Arena.

thoguht i would add my mates and i opinions on player performances

basso - 8 excellent saves, when needed, nervous when taking on players

orr - 7 solid as always

carey - 7 a rock as ever, shame to see him go off

fontaine - 7 decent, did what was need will get better and better

mcallister - 6/7 OK... not much else to say

wilson - 7 nice touches, worked well after quiet start

lee johnson - 7/8 a lot better after his averge derby performance

skuse - 7 continuing his solid start to the season

mcindoe - 8 improving game by game this season great finish to cap it off

adebola - 8 great game back at the ricoh, glad he scored there, held ball up well

maynard - 7 still settling in by look good in spells, his off the ball work is very good


webster - settled into his first game nicely

sproule - ok he's too predictable for my liking

brooker - super sub. nuff said

but the main thing was that it was great team effort rather than individuals standing out

well done city boys :englandsmile4wf:

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Adebola was my MOM closely followed by Basso.

On the negative McCallister was weak again and was skinned time and time again.

Carey was outstanding for me - I agree about McCallister. I'd say he has become our weakest link but only just - it shows how far we've come! Sproule is the new impact player - if only he could finish like Brooks!!!

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