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Gj Smug?


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"I caught Gary Johnson on Sky trying to play it cool school but his smugness played across his lips highlighting his growing arrogance. And as the interviewer caressed his flaccid ego into a full blown erection I'm sure it took all of his tubby little frame to suppress a little jig and shout "How good am I?" into the camera.

You have to hand it to the guy though - even through gritted teeth - that he has turned a jumbled jigsaw of an average second division side into championship heavyweights in a very short period of time. Banished to his lofty perch in the stand the watching Chris Coleman knows that he is clearly missing a couple of key pieces to complete his big picture. Let's hope they turn up before the end of the month. "

The rest of the report is a (mostly) reasonable account of the game.

I love how much it hurts supporters of these 'big' championship teams to be turned over by the mighty reds.

Happy days...

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Good find! The guy was fair, although clearly jealous of us having GJ...

Plus best comment below...

"we're just too good for you, we're just too good for you"

You wanna get yourself to sainsbury's mate because your grapes are a bit sour. You'd best get some fresh ones !!!

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