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The Official 'new Song' Thread.


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I think we need some more songs for our team, we've heard lots of mcindoe ideas but there are so many noone knows what to get started.

At the moment we have:

Basso - Oohhhhh Basso

Orr - He's An Orr....

Elliott - Marvin Elliott, Elliott, Marvin Elliott Na Na.....

Trundle - Lee, Lee, Lee Trundle

Adebola - Do Do Do Dele Adebola

Noble - Do Do Do Do, David Noble (could give to someone else if he isnt playing)

Maynard - Lots Of Ideas, Left foot in, left foot out.....

The one to the tune of torres one

A few more

Ivan Sproule - Hes here, Hes there........

I think that we need better songs for carey and skuse and think that we need some proper songs for fontaine, mccombe, mcallister, mcindoe, johnson, willaims,

Yesterday when i watched the man u game i saw they already had a song for posssebon i think his name is even though he will hardly ever play another game for them once ronaldo and that lot are back. So why not get songs for squad players as well and also players like wilson who i thought has played well recently and people like ribeiro and weale ect.

Any ideas post em ere. Hopefully then they can get started.

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