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Ledesma Sending Off

Will Rollason

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Cant believe there's a debate about the either card :noexpression:

1st card - Already been warned by the ref to shut it and calm down, throws ball down=yellow card, doesn't matter if Jamie Mac catches it or not the intention is very plain- dissent and why should he try to catch it anyway? I would have left it too if the little sod had chucked it at me :disapointed2se: If the stupid pr**k hard working young winger wants a card let him have it . Also,according to the excellent review on "Loft for words", thats his 3rd card for dissent in 5 games :D

2nd card- terrible "forwards" tackle, late and reckless and dangerous as it took the players standing foot, going to be a yellow in any game you watch end of story and bye bye.

Now I thought the ref made some strange calls ( don't they all) but he was right about those 2 to as he was right to book Ivan.

Anyway, glass half full and all that, cheers.

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From the 'Loft for Words' review (which in general is quite a good read):

As for the second yellow, I have to say I didn't see what happened at the match, however from watching the replays on the Championship it appears the referee who was looking straight at it saw nothing untoward until his linesman half the length of the pitch away started flagging. The fact he then gave a throw to QPR instead of a free kick to Bristol was further indication the referee didn't have the foggiest idea what was happening. It just appeared to me that he was just itching to give the Argentinian another yellow at the first opportunity. However, the fact that Ledesma continues to give these opportunities for referees to 'teach him a lesson' is his own fault and one that could cost us more points further down the line.

I have to say the assistant only looked around 10 metres away from the incident, not half the length of the pitch away. And it was a stone wall yellow, whether the ref 'had it in for him' or not.

(To be fair to the reviewer, he does say that it was obvious that Ledesma would get sent off sooner or later)

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various members of this board , if you care to look.

. . . fair enough, why not add your comments to the relevant topic rather than starting "another" thread ?

As there was no reference to any discussions it seemed a bit strange . . . I will look down the lists of threads now :noexpression:

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There were a couple of negative posts pre-match suggesting that McAllister would have a torrid time against Ledesma, but the reverse was the case.

The experience of Macca shone through and he'd done his job way before he had to go off.

He's a very good left back at this level - not many better than him in this division, but he does need quality competition and cover.

Very good points Cynic. Well worth remembering for any future JM debates.

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