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On The Scrounge For Accommodation

Percy Parrot

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ok, I know there are often "help needed" messages etc on here, but this may be pushing it a little far- but worth a go anyway.

Basically next weekend I need to be in BS3 by soon after 9:00am.

Now normally I get train down and stay with my parents in Somerset on Friday night. But on this occasion there is a possibility that they will be in London then- and with my train getting in at 830-900 I will be unable to get to my home in Somerset.

Therefore, is there anyone who may have anywhere I can crash on the Friday night? I will take you out and buy you a drink or something that evening and be out of your hair by 9:00 the next morning (latest)- going straight back to London after the game on Saturday.

Don't need anything proper- just a floor will do. As long as I have a roof over my head I ain't too bothered (well obviously walls appeciated too before anyone suggests a bus-stop, underpass or bus station)

anyway- please PM me or email me if any of you can help. As I said I may not know for sure if I need accommodation that night until later this week, but I think I should try and get something sorted incase.



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