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Liam Lawrence

Nogbad the Bad

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Darn it, this is one bloke i reckon could really do the business for City.

Goal scoring winger, "the David Beckham of the lower divisions".

Rotherham have offered 125k., Mansfield want "a bit more".

Don't want to over knock our new signings ( i like Miller) but could we have got a more for our 500k+ Summer outlay?

We could probably have got Lawrence, Disley AND Christie for about the same amount.

If we had, i don't reckon we'd be struggling for goals OR entertainment. :clap:

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Mansfield may have been relegated but the 3 players i mentioned were all successes in a poor overall team.

Mansfield scored freely ( i.e they scored 4 against us in one game, remember) but had a poor defence.

Christie was one of the top scorers in the division.

Disley and Lawrence were hugely impressive against City and are very highly rated. Entertaining, attacking players too.

The fact they did so well, and Mansfield scored so freely but were relegated proves just how effective these 3 were.

I don't want half the Mansfield team, the others were complete ####; but why not pick up the gems on the cheap from a relegated team, all of whom proved themselves against City, when you suddenly have half a million or so to spend?

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