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Pubs In Brighton ?


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Guest JoshBHA

If you are getting the train down to Brighton there are simply dozens of pubs within walking distance of BRIGHTON station.

Best bet is to come out of the station, (avoid the Railway Bell on your right hand side though) and either walk, A) straight (down the hill) towards the city centre, or B)to walk to your right (up the hill) where there are decent pubs or c) to your left (down the hill, taking the road that goes under the station!) and there are loads of pubs down there.....lots of pubs full stop, most do grub

The ground is 10-15 minutes walk from PRESTON PARK railway station, which is about 2 miles from the seafront (a 3 minute train journey or £5 cab fare). If you are getting the train from Brighton - Preston Park there are about 2/3 an hour, and the latest I would leave it would be about 2.15

There are a few pubs at Preston Park, when you come out of the station walk down the hill (300 yards), come to main road, called London Rd. There is a hotel opposite which is football friendly, or turn to your right and less than 5 mins walk there are a couple of pubs on London Rd that are football friendly also (Crown & Anchor is one of them, just by large Rover garage)

If you are early enough (ie before 1.30ish) you could try the large pub at the ground, but gets very busy!!

Hope the above helps

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It was I who said that there is only one pub within 30 mins which as far as City fans are concerned is true.

There is another pub (can't remember what its called) which is about a 5 minute walk from the ground.If you come out the away end of the ground, walk round to your left and you'll see a railway bridge. Walk under there, go to the end of the road and turn right and you'll come to it. Its on a corner, opposite a park I think. As I remember its the equivalent of the 3 Lions though so would only recomment this pub to people who can be discreet.

My advise would be to have a few on the pier or in town then get a train up to the ground.

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