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What Happened With Sno ?

Frome Red

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When I was outside the players lounge with my son who was mascot yesterday I seen Sno come out get in his 4x4 and wheel span then raced off up the car park, looked like either an emergency or not happy about something ?

I know it's been posted a few times before, but apparently the players who aren't in the matchday squad tend to nip out in the build up to go and get something to eat etc.

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He looked woefully off the pace vs Newcastle, perhaps he still needs another couple of weeks to get closer to playing fitness. because of the 2 games in 3 days he may get a shout today?

Is it me or does anyone else think that he looks a bit like Harrold Perrineau(sp?) Link from The Matrix/ Michael from Lost

Sno was also the narrator in Oz.

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