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Anyone Wearing Fancy Dress Last Away Game Of The Season (blackpool) ?


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yes m8,theres 20 of us going up sat morn and cumin back monday,will b in the manchester b4 game lookin pretty,cum and join us:dancing6:

Is the Manchester still open ? I heard it was closed down, It's a shame if it is I used to love the "entertainment" in there w00t.gif

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I went to Blackpool once (and only once - put off by the DSS B&Bs and tattoo parlours). Went with the then TobysMum to be. There might have been something on the game or perhaps the good lady wanted a weekend away. It was one of Tony Thorpe's last games - if not the last. I can't remember.

What I do remember though was the hordes of roaming young things dressed as would be brides - Christ many of them had no hope - vicars, tarts and Elvis looky likeys in white suits with turned up collars. I'd avoid dressing like any of those if I was you.

The other memorable parts of the weekend - as I've said elsewhere recently - the ladees falling out of the taxis with their skirts round their waists and still holding their glasses up right, staying in the big old hotel on the seafront and seeing the old dears getting in the mood for the dancing, watching "The Students" doing that dance thing on the pier - the one where the lights light up and you have to jig around in sequence - a bit like Dave on Ant and Dec on a Saturday night and going to the Ballroom and marvelling at that. The football itself was poor.

My mates Dave and Matt used to call The Students The Students as they sat next to us in the Atyeo (when we all had season tickets). Students because they seemed the type to have only recently started watching the game, lived in Clifton, called Louis, Lewey and didn't have much of a clue.

Christ, days indeed.

Enjoy the weekend though and dress up.

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