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Elliot Benyon Scoring


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Did not see much of the City but Russell, Harley, Golbourne, Corr, Edwards, Stewart, Tisdale and Burnell..

Really nice place Exeter, I think of it as a little Bristol but much greener. Good old pubs too and they don't seem to be all closing down like here.

Daughter at University there, so been there lots of times and we'll hopefully be back there for her graduation in July.yes.gifcharacter0009.gif

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BristolCity Sweden you are a true BCFC fan and an expert on British beer !

But can you explain your avator on here ?

I realise the colours represent the Swedish national flag but what is that thing ?

Looks like a light or something ??

It's a snowlantern. We make them of snowballs and put a candle in. About 50 cm. high.



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All is expained Tommy/Bristol City Sweden !

You Scandinavians love a) snow and b) light (because you don't get much of it in the winter months) so I get it, and the fact that the colours are your national colours just finishes it.


From Redland Rob - just changed my screen name to The Red Planet after I chose my Avatar. I am a new member on this forum but a very long standing fan (as I told you when we we met at the Forest game). We were at the same game v Liverpool in 1976 (I think) when you started following BCFC.

I must be getting old !

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