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New Kit For 2010/2011


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this time last season we all knew our new home kit for the coming season,has anyone heard anything or have any news when it will be announced & who the new sponsors are going to be,genuine knowledge only please,:rolleyes:

No new sponsor it will still be DAS.

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Last year we found out early as they wanted to produce the kit in time for fans to purchase at the last home game. With the (rumoured ;)) change of manufacturer this season we will be contractually unable to wear anything but Puma till the season has ended.

Nothing is stopping us announcing it now but with the season still in play there is currently no need to fill the website with extra stories whilst in the Summer there is usually a dearth of newsworthy stuff to report on so I suspect the new kits will be held back till then. Going by previous years the website team will probably then drip-feed us stuff leading up to the actual announcement.

I'm sure if you follow Adam on twitter (@bean_head) he'll tweet something cryptic a day or two before as well ;)

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