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Marlon Jackson


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Hi just wondering if anyone knows much about his lad?

I know he's been at Aldershot this season, and from what I can gather reading reports/official site stuff he appears to have done well. Certainly gained lots of experience of playing mens football, albeit in League Two.

Can anyone offer me a bit more of an insight? Do you think he'll be ready to challenge for a squad place here next season?

On the face of it his goals to games ratio doesn't look great, but then he's just a youngster learning his trade at present so that's ok.... so can anyone offer some info??


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asked the same question yesterday on a different thread as i didn't no if he'd been released or kept Ive watched him 2/3 times and was impressed, but as you mentioned his goals per games ratio at a league 2 club who are doing well is that of a defender, 22 apps four as a sub and only one goal isn't a great return by any ones standards he will really need to push on next season to be pushing for a first team place good luck to him

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