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Alan Curbishley


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According to my mate down the pub who's Auntie is an estate agents cleaner told me that Alan Curbishley has put his new houses in Portishead, Clifton, Nailsea, Clevedon and St George up for sale!

St George :laugh:, who the **** thought he might live there? (NOTE to any Cidereds in BS5 - that's where I lived for 15 years)

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Oi! I'm moving to St George in 6 weeks! :-)

I'm presuming it's going to be full of Sags! Not good!

:laugh: whereabouts? Is it St George or Redfield you're moving to?

St George is a little blue, but it's proper Bristol and a decent working class area, if you've got young kids send 'em to St Pat's (my old primary school).

Barton Hill's not so good, mind.

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As for Barton Hill......

.........Barton Hill is the Slough of Bristol where the message for commuters is 'Wind your car window up and put your foot down'.

I work in Barton Hill (well...on the edge of it) and I would love to add a comment on the area but I wouldn't be able to write it in a way which didn't sound in some way offensive.... so I won't.shutup.gif

Let's put it this way..... most of the people I work with live in St.George or slightly farther away.wink.gif

Not much Red or Blue that I've seen!

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