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Our Club Has Ambition


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For the first time in a very very long time our club has shown to everybody that it has real ambition to get to the promised land (Portsmouth may say it is not that).

Steve Lansdown is very clever and does things I believe the correct way. We have the new stadium on the horizon, new training facilities and now a proven manager at this level and above.

The playing side of things is where it all counts and I believe we now have a manager who may well deliver. Hopefully we can all get behind Coppell and Millen as one unlike the last time around where we were split.

Well done to Steve Lansdown and his team.

The summer activity will be interesting and hopefully we will go for it next season.

City til I die.

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I wouldn't say it's the first time in "a very very long time". I think we've shown over the last 5 years that we're very ambitious about the direction our future takes. smile.gif

I agree, we have been ambitous over the last five years with the likes of Maynard and Hartley. However, I feel this is real ambition employing a manager who has real pedigree. Years gone by in this situation we would have stuck with Millen or tried somebody like O`Driscoll both of whom have not got experience of getting teams promoted from the Championship.

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