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Blackpool V City Could Be On Sky?


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Just a thought, but as the 1pm SKY slot on Sunday 2nd is still open until after tomorrows games, to obviously pick a meaningful game if could be us against Blackpool.

If Palace on Monday against the Baggies (I hope not!) Watford and Scunny all win, and Sheff Wed lose then the relegation is sown up before the last games.

If Swansea lose at Sheff Utd (tough game) and Blackpool win at Peterborough (good chance) tomorrow then it goes down to the wire on the last game for 6th Place.

Blackpool V City

Swansea V Donnie

Could we really bugger up Hollowheads Party Live to the nation?dancing6.gif

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All the pointers are towards Sheff Wed v Palace on BBC as they have first pick

with Sky having second and third picks(hopefully) blackpool v City one of them

Should have read your linked post NTTDS as it would have answered my question. Thanks anyway.

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