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Commentator On The City -derby Highlights


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have they not heard of editing.at one point when marv goes down it the box the commentator calls us bristol rovers.?????????????????????

And when Nicky Maynard went into the Box to get chopped for the pen, he called him JCR TWICE....I think the guy must have been a Derby fan as he called them the Rams on one occasion!....W4NKER

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This is the crap after the match has finished commentators that Virgin/PTV put on the basic highlights. Awful as per usual.

The extended highlights seem to be broken.

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If the the radio commentary from our public broadcaster is as bad as some replys have been stated above,

I might have a listen to the commentry of the City v Derby match.

Ed Hadwin was the match day commentator on the City v Derby game

who use to commentate on Swindon Town since the birth of BBC Wiltshire along with the six foot twelve inch giant shaun hodgetts

until he could not get into the commentary box any more

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