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Louis Carey

Sampson City Reds

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According to wiki he has played 499 games for the City(guessing just league and cup games) so if he plays on saturday it will be his 500th apperance.

Congrats Louis what a fantastic servant you have been for our club and I thank you for that

A fantastic servant, bar when he nicked off to Coventry!

No testimonial for you!

[Awaiting flaming and the usual 'Murray should have had one as well' arguments!]

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No player in the modern era deserves a testimonial unless the gate money goes to a charity they support (a la Niall Quinn, who raised £1m for good causes via his testimonial.

Given the wages they earn, if players like Louis aren't already financially set up for life then more fool them. They've got a bloomin financial advisor for a chairman so it can't be too hard to find somewhere to stash their cash...

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No one will ever beat Ayteos record I doubt, Skuse if he was to stay till he was like 35 would struggle, you would need to stay fit and in form all the time pretty much to play 630 leauge games based on a 46 (38 in the prem) season, so thats basically playing week in week out for 14/16 years

Mad really

Not forgetting his goals record superman.gif

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