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gary cornes

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For once i am thinking fair play Ian Hollaway and hoping Swansea dont win, however if they do would you rather us lose so Swansea dont make it.........

I hate the ideal or two welsh clubs in the play offs you just know one will go up......

Any thoughts ?

Yes, lets cheer on someone who absolutly hates us.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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Who do we dislike more Hollowhead or the Welsh ?

For me Hollowhead - maybe more an age thing ?? For anyone who witnessed IH playing for Rovers against us etc will understand why !

I dislike hollowhead more than the welsh who I feel sorry for :violin:

A plus side of Swansea making the playoffs would be a massive B!tch fight between Bardiff and Swansea. That would be a laugh to watch. I think the whole of South Wales would explode! which has got to be a good thing :yahoo:

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