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Has Anyone Got Spare Tickets For Sunday Or Need Tickets

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I know things can change in a short space of time and with the game now on Sky

just wondering if any has spare tickets or need tickets for sundays game

I would hate for any not being to attend due to not having a ticket and vice versus hate to hear about tickets not being used after being bought

as in the past with ticket sales its face value only if any one tries to rip off another city fan they will be tied to the front of the big dipper

at Blackpool all day SUNDAY,with only minor glimpses of Bloomfield road

if one has spare tickets make sure you take them to Blackpool (as long as your making the journey yourself/s)

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I am 90% sure I will have 2 spare tickets. Will know for sure by 7pm tonight. PM me your number if you're interested and I will go on a first come first serve basis should the tickets be available. Will confirm on here when deal done, or not as the case my be!

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