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Looks Like Cardiff Are Doing A Houdini.....

Tim S

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This whole scenario stinks.

What other business would be allowed to live beyond it's means, get an overdraft from the bank when technically insolvent in the hope of "potential" success in the future.

If they go into administration after the final game the points deduction wont take effect until next season, so they will be in the play-offs without being able to pay their bills!

This is all so wrong on many levels and just shows what a mess football is in, and the premier League are intent on making it worse with promises of more money, encouraging more clubs to take on massive debt in the hope of reaching the promised land.

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What the hell has a Malaysian business man got in common with Cardiff fans?

Ok, If it were Liverpool or someone i could understand his interest. Cardiff supporters should be very worried by the Takeover also. Sounds very much like a Pompey situation in the making to me.

No doubt he is a fit and proper person; or at least the Football/Premier League will say he is if he waves a big enough wad under their noses . :innocent06:

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