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Match At Ashton Gate


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Hello everyone

As you may or may not know a few weeks ago City gave a few induviduals an oppurtunity to hire out Ashton Gate for a few hours. One of my mates was on it like a flash and got a place. He has now organised for around 25 or so lads from a fantastic team to play. However, that is not enough! we need some people to come and watch us, not just a man and his dog, we want some of you guys to come give us some support if you can!

Details are as follows. The game is on Tuesday 25th May with a 9.30am kick off. Entry is FREE and Quality is Guarenteed! All Welcome (Places limited to 21,500)

If you like all the social networking stuff, then you can find the Facebook event at this link:

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=109091589133809 Hit attending and invite all your friends who you think maybe interested. If we can a big crowd for this it will be immense.

If you dont have a Facebook page, then either just turn up on the day or PM me regarding your interest.

Any further questions get in touch

Cheers Wardie englandsmile4wf.gif

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What about the police costs, and the stewarding, and the crazy kick off time(dictated by Sky, I guess).

yeh sky have mugged us off a bit with the kick off time laugh.gif. As far as i know all stewarding is provided by the club, may need few extra down if we fill the ground ha ha

How much segregation will there be between the 2 sets of supporters??? Is the East End POTD?? whistle.gif

Any ticketing enquiries i recommend ringing the club ticket hotline whistle.gif

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