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Refunds For City Fans?


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One voice can really make a massive difference and so it proved back in March when Ernie, a Doncaster Rovers fan, got in touch with the FSF to complain that he and his fellow fans had been overcharged for their match tickets at Sheffield Wednesday.

From that initial contact, it turns out that fans of clubs that played at Hillsborough after Boxing Day 2009 may well have been over-charged, and could be entitled to a refund.

Full details here: http://www.fsf.org.uk/news/Refunds-for-1000s-of-Championship-away-fans.php

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How many City went to Sheffield?.....

Couple of seasons ago similar thing happened at PNE.. (NTTDS highlighted the situation then) resulting in refunds of being due to the travelling City fans.

In the end the club (BCFC) recouped the moneys due from Preston & collectively many City fans kindly donated their couple of quid refunds via BCFC to the Bristol Prostate Appeal charity - to the total tune of something like £1,300!!! ... well done to everyone concerned at the time!!! :clapping:.


....it could total a tidy sum & maybe buy yerself a pint with it, or preferably donate it to the Atyeo fund or help a Local Charity once again??

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MAYBE THE ST will take up the cause again...?

They did a great job co-ordinating things last time with the Preston situation.. liasoning with BCFC and sorting out the refunds/distribution etc...

If its money owed to our fans, Go Get It!!! :)

How many Bristol City supporters went to Wednesday this year?.. Must be quite a few... = £££'s thousands ?

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