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Why Didn't The Media Section Let Us Know Colin Sexstone Was On Local Radio?

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at 07:35am on Thursday

Nothing on Twitter or book face

If any one wants the interview which includes a member of friends of the earth please let me know and I'll send it in an audio file


and David LLoyd does his interview at 07:49am

We all knew nttds, they just didn't tell you.

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Adam is indeed having a very well earned break. I'm sure otherwise he would have mentioned it - if he knew which you are assuming the media dept did.

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On holiday for a month (in South Africa) for the football?

If you are, just be careful out there,your skills will always be needed back at Bristol City football club.

I wonder who will be pressing the button(to release the 2010/11 fixture list) at 10:00am on Thursday 17 June?

Or associated press at 08:30am on the same day

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