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What If Bristol Rovers Were To Go Under...


If Rovers Went Under, Would You be?  

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Well we always got Cardiff who i find more of a rival now anyway.

Not trying to be funny or cocky but i don't consider Rovers much of a "rival" anymore cause we are so much better than them at the moment and i can't see that changing very much in the enar future.

By saying your sad due to the lack of "proper" derby games your saying your sad that Rovers have been struggling in the Basement league for the past 3 years cause we haven't had any "proper" derby games? Would i be right by saying this? I know I'm happy they are down there!

There is one more thing i would like to see more than Rovers go out of business and that seeing them in the Dr martins league and stuck there while Weston Super Mare are in at least the conference and the better side than them.

oh what a day that would be when Weston become officially the better club than Rovers how funny

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Guest lydneyred

Don't know how I would feel about it all.

Yes for a time I would probably laugh and joke and take the piddle out of gasheads but then it would probably go and I probably wouldn't care.

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Come on guys, i know that if the two sides played today you would whip us but you seriously wouldnt want us to go out of business!!!

It's part of being a bristol football fan - going to school/work and taking the p155 out of your rival team.

Most gasheads wouldnt want you to go out of business.

Anyway this is irrelavent since we will be around for a long while yet....

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