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Signings And Km


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May have been mentioned before but I was thinking that the 'Millen' factor does have something to do with our lack of ability to attract players.. Is it perhaps the case that we're not really that attractive a prospect for players at the moment: we're not a 'big' club and our manager doesn't appear to have much charisma and was, until recently a number 2 who didn't really play above the third tier of English football.

The prospect of coming to play for Coppell or even Johnson who had a media presence and a bit of fame due to the playoff season might have drawn players more than to a club with Millen at the helm.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not calling for KM's head and I do think he's done a good job since the Coppell debacle. Everyone has to start somewhere and I think he should be given time to build a team and take us forward. But I do just wonder if there's an underlying long term issue about making our club an attractive prospect to join.

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money talks,

We can pay better wages then blackpool and at the time of signing Blackpool were relegation fodder and we were being talked of in the media as promotion contenders,

We are not in a attractive postion but if we manage to sign some players it will be ones willing to put up a fight and lead by example.....somthing we are lacking big time at the moment

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