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Okay, so we've got injuries, every season we get injuries and sometimes the phases are worse than others? The concerning part is that we have absolutely no balance in the squad and this has been caused by a couple of seasons of rudderless direction and planning?

We seem to have been in a place where we needed loads of centre halves and strikers and not replaced in other positions when required to do so? GJ always wanted new strikers when we weren't scoring but shouldn't the service to the strikers have been given thought also?

As a benchmark, and if we are looking to stabilise the position, should we not go for two quality players in each position? We currently have a left midfielder with a right foot as an example who always comes back onto his right rather than creating bi-line crosses? We have a centre half playing left back, a central midfield playing right back etc?

Is it really that difficult to sign specialist players and play them in their preferred, rightful position??

My biggest concern is that KM seems to have no proper scouting method, with the exception of "loans from Spurs?" When you see clubs around us strengthening so well you have to be concerned about our current direction and ability to develop and change?

This isn't a vote of no confidence, more a concern that we are gradually declining on a gradual basis? Is change needed to save us from relegation, for me, I believe an experienced Director of Football (Who has connections and experience) is required?

Has SL now literally moved away to pastures new and will he still be around if the stadium doesn't happen? Investment has clearly dried up and it leaves yet more concerns?

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