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City - Iin Need Of A Spine..?


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Every good side has a strong spine - keeper, centre halves, centre mid (Defensive and attacking balance) and strikers (Usually one big and strong and the other a fox in the box who can finish)...

We have a strong keeper, we have a strong defensive midfielder in Elliott and we have three strong strikers up front, it's just a shame two are injured! When Caulker goes back to Spurs or gets injured, what then?

What about Glen Loovens who hasn't settled at Celtic since signing from Baadiff for a lot of money? Iwelumo would be great and is available to fill the striker spot? In centre mid, in a creative role, good players aren't cheap so if we don't spend, we'll continue to suffer and blame the strikers for not scoring?

I'm right behind KM and trying to retain some form of positivity but the jury's out and is starting to feel like we've made the wrong decision..!?

3 days and counting Keith, it might well be that the next three days determine if we stay up or not and everybody else seem to be investing to stay in this league...?

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