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Can't ever remember a transfer deadline day like this. We never seem to active on deadline day, as we know, Gary Johnson used to prefer knowing the players inside out before signing them.

Loving this so far, can tell Keef is working hard with the difficult situation he's got.

Agree with you 100% but more of a nervous excitment!!!! Hopefully we will have 2 in by the end of it! None confimed as of yet!

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Still no Playmaker or Left Back though which has been our problem positions for a while.

the problem could be said to be that teams are doubling up on Adomah and we have no other midfield outlet. With Woolford we will have a goal threat from both wings which might take the pressure off Adomah. Lets see.

Left back is something Millen is trying to improve but if he has to wait till July for the one he wants then so be it. If we keep the ball better with more attacking options maybe the defence wont be under as much pressure anyway.

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