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So Far Behind


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We are so far behind the rest of the teams in this division now it's shocking. The first half was a Swansea training match that even they had time to have a chat with the ball at their feet. Players were slipping and having time to get to their feet and pass out of what danger there was.

Two possible inspired subs at half time gave us false hope before they got a goal from absolutely nothing. The ball fell, bounced and went in the bet with Elliot looking as if to say, who me??!?!?!!?

That has to be the worst I have seen in a very long time with Johnson, Elliott appauling, Keogh didn't look fit but played the who game, the back four in the first half out of shape in terms of position which was almost recitified in the second half.

I appreciate we were unsettled with Copple leaving, but we are now in February and looking at a real dog fight at the bottom. The heart was ripped out the club in August, but we have not progressed at all on and off the pitch.

Millen isn't a number one, a good coach, NOT a number one. I got more passion managing U7's on a Sunday afternoon than Millen had tonight and he was more animated tonight.

They want us to buys season tickets for next season at a good price....is that price Championship or League One? May be the Bristol hoodoo of the two clubs ever being one division apart in history will live on, which way will it be???


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