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we are complete and utter garbage, from strikers, midfield to defenders. We have the lightweight "craftsman" in midfield that is LJ, doesnt win a header and is so weak it takes belief.

Marvin "first touch of a donkey" Elliot who is a headless chicken these days to say the least, can't pass shoot or do anything. JCR, useless, moving on to Admoah who is a changed man from the one we saw 5-10 games ago. Plays to deep and also has an awful touch.

Now the defenders, or I like to call the "hoofball specialists", get the ball hoof it. Your in space HOOOF IT! and when they need to hoof it the morons miss it! To call stewart a donkey is an understatement, to call fontaine clueless on the ball is also an understatment. Careys too old and slow which also applies to Mcallister.

Then we got Keith "we'll work hard in training" Millen, who just stands there doing all game, and Wigley. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

Rant over. At least if/when we go down the gas won't be there.

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