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Scouting And Keogh


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Point 1

Stumbled across this from the excellent newsnow site.


Basically its a list of big name Irish transfer news. What caught my eye was the wages were supposedely paying for Keogh- £10000ish a week, hes on £22000 at Wolves. I must admit normally Im a bit of a happy clapper but seems crazy money given his stats.

League career 175 (62) appearances 44 goals Cup 13 (1) 6 goals. Thats 0.18 and 0.42 goals per game. The source for these is soccerbase. Hes not listed in wolves players stats on there main site which I think tells you all you need to know. I genuinely hope he proves me wrong, but I would have prefered Vokes.

Some more stats from espn, 2010/11 championship 17 games 2 goals 14 shots.

Point 2

Also from newsnow, City linked scout in Malta.


Maybe goes someway to proving that we are still looking at the foreign option. To me it was obvious that we hadnt given up on foreign players its just the club has to keep it on the quiet, for obvious reasons.

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may sound stupid as hes a striker.

but doesnt he get a looaaaad of assists? he dont look like it but apparently hes a hold up striker/target man!

A lot of people keep saying this but according this this link it is quite the opposite. In all but one season in his career he's scored more goals than he's assisted. I'm sure he's a good player, he's got a decent reputation in the championship anyway.

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