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Millens Tactics


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:city: Yes he got praised for changing it last week and getting it right resulting in a 4-0 win but yesterday he defiantly got it wrong.

Gary Johnson came up with the 'don't change a winning team' tactic and now Milly has taken it on which resulted in us losing to Leeds.

The game was calling out for 442 but we only changed to 442 when Louis came off and it was forced on Milly to go 442.

I feel that it's the strongest formation for us and that the players seem more comfortable playing 442 so why don't we stick with it ?

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Having watched a couple of Leeds games on TV, plus the Football League Show, I know that Leeds greatest threats are Gradel and Snodgrass down the flanks, so the logical formation was 4-4-2 with both wide players helping the full backs. Overall, today was a mess tactically, Woolford and Pitman should have at least tried swapping flanks, I am not sure what Clarksons role was, Keogh looked isolated at times, and with Gradel causing problems on our right, Cisse seemed to be half and half right back/ midfield once Carey went off, giving him too much room. Would have been a good opportunity for Joe Edwards to show what he can/ can't do. We ended up with a midfielder at right back, and a striker in midfield - Speaks volumes about Stewart, Nyatanga and Johnson.

I was enthused by Millens start in the job, but yesterday I thought his tactics were a mess of muddled thinking, compromise and indecision.

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a complete lack of a leader in our team also cost us, let alone Millens wierd tactics. I actually quite pine for Danny Wilson's tactical "sense" after watchin' us at times this season, and god help me I NEVER thought I'd think that EVER.

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I was surprised Adomah didn't start, I've heard people say he's looked tired etc but even an hour of him would have given the Leeds defence more to think about.

Sproule could have come on for the last 30 then.

Woolford is a left sided player So play him there, we have had enough of messing around with the left side over the last 18 months. When Rose played there we had our best run of the season because we had shape and balance. It's proven that our side is better with a left footed left side attacking player

Keogh doesn't convince me that he actually really wants it and has the desire to get in where it hurts.

Stead puts twice the work in and how we miss him.

Great to have Maynard back and a couple of the challenges he put in proves that he still has the desire,obviously it will take him a while to get match fit etc.

Two hard away games coming up,we have to get the shape right and show more desire, if we do we will get something from these two games.

If not, then S****horpe becomes a big game, I'm sure all the extra fans we had yesterday will be there for that one !!!!!!!

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I wasn't particularly impressed by them, they were organised and committed with a couple of talented players, but nothing special.

That is quite right. But they got the rub of the green and we didn't. We had sufficient chances to have something out of the game, but didn't convert them.

I would have rested Adomah ages ago, he has looked pretty ineffective for quite a few games, but yes made a difference when he came on, although his crosses were unfortunately not that good.

433 or 442? I would always play 442, but then that's just me. What worries me is how long we take to change things when it is plain it isn't working.

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