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Four Home Losses In A Row Not Since 2005

Red Robin

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This is the first time since 2005 we have lost four home matches in a row,The season ticket offer by the chairman is greatly appreciated by the majority of fans.

however we would al like to know what league we are in which sadly will be a few months away.What happens if us STS buy are new tickets know, and we get relegated,the STS will surely be dropped to attract renewals as they will be many that do not want to watch league 1 football.Would those people get a refund on the difference.The biggest single thing that would attract people to renew,or even increase STS is to get a quality manager in as you did at the beginning of the season,someone that will have the experience,credibility to take this club forward,someone who can bring the required success you apparantly crave for. This really has to happen if you SL wants to take this club forward.

Millen clearly is not the man to take the club forward.

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