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Season Ticket Renewals


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With the customary apology if this has already appeared on the forum, but has anyone else encountered difficulty in renewing online?

It is only a few weeks since my last rant about the inefficiency of the ticket office and the amount of inconvenience that it regularly causes for supporters. On that occasion, they published the wrong date for the deadline for ST holders to claim their seats for an FA Cup match. Quite a few people posted about the trouble they'd had then. Clearly, either nobody from the club is listening, or else they don't care.

I logged on today to renew and, surprise, surprise, the system will not permit me to do so. My seat, which I have had for God knows how many years, is shown as "unavailable".

I'm sorry to go all grumpy old man about it once more, but it does your head in. How hard can it be to get this right?

Anyone else similarly fallen foul of the adminstrative and technological disaster area that is the BCFC ticket office? And if so, did you find a way around it, other than spending half a day waiting on the phone or going all the bloody way to AG in person?

And PS: In case anyone's interested, you cannot get around this by being in touch with them via email to resolve it, as far as I can see. Click on the 'Contact Us' option and you get - you guessed it - no links where the website says links should appear. The words 'brewery', 'a', 'in', 'piss-up', 'organise' and 'couldn't' spring to mind.

CC :dunno::argh::grr:

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