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Soggy Sags


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Now I know this isn't directly City related but the Sags are the poor relations of Bristol football so I think it counts.

Now I'm not one to gloat........Well in fact I am, and I've had a lousy day so the plight of the soggy sags has cheered me no end.

Now. We all know that the sags are the unluckiest football team ever. We know this because their manager, players, fans, in fact anyone connected with the club tell us so.

Tonight they are unlucky with the weather and their game has been cancelled very close to kick-off. Unlucky fir the Bournemouth fans that have travelled, and unlucky for the sags as they were going to win this one apparently! After all Bournemouth are only second in the league and playing on a muddy swamp might have evened things up a bit. So unlucky sags, no win tonight, stuck at the bottom of the table, your pitch is a disgrace. Unlucky aren't you. No, your just pathetic!

I just can't believe how unlucky the sags are. Ref's are against them, linesman are against them, other teams keep scoring 'lucky goals' - loads, nearly every game - the sags get no luck in front of goal either. Shots hit posts and don't go in, unlucky or what?

No, they're just pony and are where they are because they deserve to be, and I am loving it.

There, I feel loads better now.

Up The City

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Are you sure you don't write for the Evening Post?

I only ask because I read there last week how "unlucky" they've been, yet according to soccerbase they have won one game out of their last 16, and unlike us who have had to do without their best striker for the first 6 months of the season their top bloke (Hopkins?) has played the whole time.

Strange that, isn't it?

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Don't know how you would go about doing it or I would have a look, but I'm sure if anyone could be arsed to find out you would find that rovers have had more postponements in the last 5 years than any other league club.

It is astonishing that every time it rains in bristol there game is off! It isn't like we have had days and days of torrential rain either! Bit of light drizzle on a tuesday and you can guarantee the swamp monsters game will be off, its ******* laughable!

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