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Bit Of Credit For Our Keeper


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who's kicking was as bad... too many long balls from Nyatanga today usually out of play. Kilkenny too deep but involved in most of our threatening play.

No, Fontaine's 'kicking' as you put it was not as bad, or anywhere near as bad for that matter. Fontaine was the one of our central defenders who kept possesion, didn't lump it forward, that was Nyatanga. Both CBs were excellent defensively, but Fontaine had a better game all round. All James' first half kicks were sliced, it was almost comical, but he made up for that with saves.

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I thought nyatanga was excellent today, he did everything a central defender should do and wanted the ball when he could,. trouble was there was no midfield making themselves available for the ball a lot of the time - bar kilkenny who had to drop deep - so he had no option apart from across to Fonts or hoof.

Personally I think we need Cisse in front of the back four and drop Woolie for a few games.

Shame but such is life.

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