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I an guessing if the Board keep Del then they are resigned to relegation and have in effect given up on this season. Conversely if they take some action and this leads to his dismissal then they are preparted to battle for our survivial at Championship level. The concern is if we go down playing and being managed so poorly how the hell can Del be trusted to build the team up to a promotion push from league 1 . With him at the helm we could drop another league.

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Oh, I read this as 'bored' reaction!

The previous incarnates have gone for comparable or better records but unless we have a shoe-in ready and waiting then its no go.

I'd have more faith if he picked his best players and played the loanees (where is that scouser?) and played a reasonable formation at home. I fear Bob Taylor would be left out of this side.

I do think the players need a good kicking because most of them seem to have stopped playing (obviously some of them cant play to begin with). And the Wolves performance was appalling - easily as bad as the Cardiff game from a few years ago. I don't think we'll survive this.

Half-year season ticket anyone?

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The fact that the club is still struggling after 4 managers in a row surely proves that it isn't ONLY the manager(s) at fault.

As we have heard nothing from him I'm guessing they are sticking by him.

Since SL apparently stood down as Chairman I could not tell you what our new Chairman looks like or who the directors are nowadays !

From a club that used to have a regular "face" of either SL or Colin Sexton, to having nothing now is a shame as all the hard work put in has been lost

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