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This Is The Reason For Us Being In The Shit.

Guest The Realist

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Guest The Realist

Del's tactics and coaching

I know i'm new here and don't mean to sound too opinionated, but THIS is the reason we are where we are. Yes, certain areas should have been strengthened, but some of Dels decisions have been STAGGERING.

Taylor is a decent striker to play off, but at home, against a team completely out of form side, to leave Baldock and Davies on the bench is beyond me, as it is on the other occasions it has happened.....You sign quality Del but dont play them....We have Danns, we can play 442 now!!!!!

Our defense is clearly embarrassing, we all know that.....but why is it so bad?? Even Palarse and home and Cardiff they had their chances, we have been consistently poor with no signs of improvement, very very ODD.

Paul Anderson.....now this is bemusing, A proven player at this level, yet doesnt get a look in? He hasn't started once and failed to play more than 30 mins in a game this season!!! Now with Woolford on fire at the start of the season thats fair enough, but Bryan was picked ahead of him, and then Pearson was put on the left......he must be as bemused as all of us!!!

I dont care what people say, players like Pearson, Kilkenny, Elliott can do a job at this level, granted a very limited job, but a job none the less and there really is no excuse for the results we have been getting.....I have viewed this website for a while and when people put their preditions out they are also wrong re:team selection....>Del clearly sees it differently to everyone out there.

Sorry but I can understand signings not working out, or playing well and losing games.....but I cannot understand a manager who seemingly gets his tactics and team selections completely the wrong......especially now we have Danns the very least allowin us to play 442 at home.

Remember the bookies at Creed by Castle Park saying in August Mcinnes would get found out.....they were spot in...

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