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Sack The Players


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Delboy has no options but to work with the shite that we have until January.

Some of the players in that team on Saturday should be ashamed to earn a wage this week.

Sell the sodding lot apart from Heaton, Bryan, Albert and Taylor. The rest are loanees or dross.

I've watched this team since 1967 and Saturday was the first time that i was embarrassed to watch and I was one of the thousands that booed and walked out at half-time.

If I'm honest, I have to be critical with the way that the team was set up too. After winning away at Middlesboro and allegedly playing well at Brighton we should have attacked Wolves who were struggling for form and confidence before the game.

Starting with Taylor up front, on his own, did not send out the right signal. Davies alongside him and 2 attacking wingers would have been preferable. We should have gone for it and not set our stall out to defend like we did.

In Dels defence, Doyle and Ebanks are Premier League quality strikers and they made us look embarrassing.

We have to buy to survive in January and if we have a poor December and lose to the teams around us we will be dead and buried by Christmas.

Sad days


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I'd suggest that Ebanks Blake with one goal in 23 games in the Premier League last season and 10 in the last 3 seasons is not Premier League quality, he's also quite lazy and fat, a good Championship striker though for sure.

Thought he was pretty shit. Scored when our defence served it up to him on a plate, but otherwise looked like he didn't have a shot on target in him.

If the Norwegian replaced him by someone faster we would've endured an even bigger humiliation.

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