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A link to my own blog and a question...

I've blogged since I couldn't play for a bit at the start of the season and since returning, the posts have got fewer and further between but OTIB has always been the biggest source of readers. So, im sure you'll forgive me for posting up here, although it doesn't fit in Non-football chat I'm still reluctant to put this in Football Chat so please don't shoot me down.

I've had a look at a few teams from the third division 10 years ago and where they've moved onto; no mention of the blue few in this one.

I've renamed it Getting Chalk On Your Boots and the latest post is here (All comments, corrections and feedback welcome)

What are the general views on blogs?

I've always enjoyed reading what people feel they want to share on the internet, enjoy writing as well - I do feel it's not utilised to its' full potential though it almost feels like a taboo subject at times!

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